French Bakery and Pastries

Daily fresh breads & pastries

The taste of real french bakery with no conservatives in Bangkok! Try our Premium croissant, crispy, smooth & mellow inside. Try a soft wake-up like a Parisian with our Brioches turned to gold with a rich flavor.

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The Shop

The shop is located behind Paradise Park and will be opened soon on December 2017! Visit us soon to get all freshly made pastries, buttery beauty of bakeries, and elegant / crusty beautiful croissants!

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It’s our pleasure to find beautiful coffees, hand-roast them in our vintage steel roaster, and offer them to you.

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Cakes & Delicacies

Enjoy a variety of our fancy and delicious cakes, pies & tarts! Our open pastry or sponge cake containing a sweet or savory filling often consumed as a takeaway food snack. Our  cakes are perfect for family occasions, momentous events, dinner parties or office celebrations.